"Big Crush" standing lamps

Info- Crushed plastic bottles are used to make a sculptural lamp base. Available as standing lamp or table lamp.
-Standing Lamp or Table Lamp
- Bases available in Gold, Red, White, Black and other colours at special request.

"Fret" flat speakers

Info- Flat speakers designed for MP3 players (also suitable for any type of personal stereo or surround sound for your TV.) System incooperates a sub whoofer with integrated amplifier and 2 Fret flat speakers.
- Black or White fret work.
Info- Made from perspex and electric flex in black or white.
- 8 bulb 100cm Diameter
- 6 bulb 65cm Diameter

"spaghetti princess" chandeliere

"peggy sue"

Lamp shade
Info- Made from clothes-pegs, printed with various designs on reclaimed lamp bases decorated with toy animals.
-14cm table lamp shade
- 29cm standing lamp shade
- 29cm pendant lamp shade
- Standing lamp base
- Table lamp base

"global coffee table"

Coffee Table
Info- Features a writable white globe for use with whiteboard pen (included). Frame in powder coated steel in green, orange, red, grey, white or black.



Folding lampshade
Info- Plain or with pierced pattern, mixed fibre fabric, self assembly, for use with low energy bulbs.



Tennis ball stools
Info- Made to order, painted steel or stainless, also available as a bench.



Coffee table
Type- Made to order, 25 suckers, glass top and aluminium base, custom sizes.



light-weight stool
Info- Limited number, made from reclaimed cambridge rowing seats, steel legs.


"mini recycled sound"

Sattelite speakers
Info- Made to order, 2 satellite record speakers, 1 sub/ amplifier. Suitable for use with PC, MP3 player or personal stereo.


"recycled sound"

Flat speaker chandeliere
Info- Made to order, surround sound system, standing wall mounted or hanging, custom size and configuration, includes sub-whoofer.



Office / dining table
Info- Made to order, splayed bamboo legs, aluminium details, wooden top.



Massaging seat pad using reject tennis balls

"dj bowl"

TV remote bowl
Info- Made to order, made from one LP, free formed with heat, every one unique.



Smoke fired rocking tea cups
Info- 7cm high - limited edition glazed cups with smoke fired exterior, every one is different.


Tennis ball chair
Info- Made to order, stainless steel or powder coated steel frame, yellow or limited edition white balls


Coffee table
Info- Made to order, natural, black or colour stained wood, glass top, rolled aluminium shelf and 2 Philippe Starck lemon squeezers.



Stainless steel chair
Info- Made to order, brushed stainless steel frame, dark driftwood seat or reclaimed leather.


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